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January 2022

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This and That....

Redistricting FAQs

Question: When does the School Choice Option for students affected by the Redistricting open?

Answer: The online application will open Friday, February 18, 2022 at 8:00 am. Redistricted Students ONLY Window will be from February 18 to March 13th.

Question: What if I want my student(s) to stay at their current school?

Answer: Students may choose to remain at their current school through the school choice option. Families would be required to provide transportation.

2nd Semester - Here We Come!!

As we prepare for End of Year Assessments in all grade levels, BES Faculty/Staff will continue to use the Leader in Me Habits and Dispositions to ensure that our Blue Jay leaders are striving for excellence! The teachers will continue to accelerate instruction in their classrooms and through our WINS Academies.

Please contact your child's teacher for any further questions regarding his/her progress towards grade level success.

A few reminders to reset the BES Expectations and Procedures

Lunch, Celebrations, etc

Lunch Visits - When visiting your student, you will be asked to eat lunch in the Front Conference Room unless it is being used due to a special event. In most cases, Mrs. Shasta or Mrs. Missy will contact the student to come meet you in the front.

Celebrations and deliveries - Please refrain from having lunch delivered to students via Door Dash, Chick-fil-A, UberEats, etc. When these items are delivered, it is an automatic assumption that they are for the adults in the building, not the elementary school-aged students. Typically, the adults are aware of their delivery therefore the front office does not have to worry about who the delivery belongs to.

Also, it is acceptable to have cupcakes, doughnuts, etc. passed out for a student's birthday, however, please do not have balloons delivered for the student to be responsible for. This can be an interruption in the classroom instructional time.


Car Rider Drop off - The 2nd line in the AM Drop Off line does not start until after 7:10 am. Before this time, staff members and other visitors are driving to the left side of the line to get to the front of the school. Also, please try to pull in as close to the right of the curb as possible to leave room for those passing through on the left side.

Car Rider Pick Up - Please make sure your student numbers are visible when you pull in through the gate. This will help our car rider monitors do their job faster.

Bus Drop off - Please make sure that an adult is present when your student is being dropped off in the afternoon. Also, please make sure the adult is VISIBLE to the bus driver.

Uniforms and Student/Parent Handbook Expectations

Please remember navy blue is not a school uniform color for our Blue Jays! Also, any unnatural hair color is prohibited.

As weather continues to get colder, we are noticing jackets/coats that are not a part of the school uniform requirements. Please know that in the building, students will be asked to remove their non-uniform jackets/coats. After a warning, students will receive a Uniform Violation Letter from the office. This is also for unnatural and/or distracting hair designs and colors.

In order to keep our Lost and Found neat and tidy, we will return jackets/coats to students that have their names in them as best as we can. However every 3-4 weeks, jackets will be donated.

According to the ECSD Student/Parent Handbook, please make sure that water bottles are clear in color.

2022 Yearbooks

Please visit to order your yearbook online; or you may order by phone by calling 1-800-balfour (1-800-225-3687.) You may also fill out the bottom portion of the flyer and mail the payment to the Balfour Yearbook company as it was listed on the form. *Please do not send yearbook payments to the school. All purchases must be made through the Balfour Yearbook company.

If you visit our BES website you can find the link for ordering your yearbook in the Upcoming Events section or by scrolling down to the Headlines section and clicking on the one that says "Yearbook Sale".

Counselor's Corner by Mrs. Watson

Happy New Year from your Counselor, Ms. Watson. As your student prepares for the second half of the year, please make sure they have their school supplies. If you need assistance with supplies, please let me know. In guidance counseling this month, we will be discussing personal safety. This lesson required parental permission and if you signed no or chose not to sign, your student will have an alternate activity during this lesson. This lesson will discuss being safe, child abuse, and types of harassing behaviors. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. Easiest way to contact me is via email, "".

From the Desk of Nurse Rebecca....

Healthy New Year's Resolutions for Children & Teens

The start of a new year is a great time to help your children focus on forming good habits. Making New Year's resolutions can be a fun way to do this!

Dr. Lanre Falusi is a pediatrician and mom of three kids. She knows how important it is to set healthy goals with kids – and to be realistic about those goals. Go to and read her article on healthy New Year's resolutions for children and teens.

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Leader in Me and Visible Learning at BES


The Adult Learning Action Team would like to thank all of our volunteers who read to our Blue Jays at our Holiday Festival. The stories were wonderful and the time spent together was a blessing. We are grateful to have spent the holiday season together!

Habit 4 - Think Win-Win

Enjoy an afternoon in the sun as a family. Talk as a family about how wonderful the sun is and how there is enough for everyone. Talk about how it doesn’t take anything away from the sun whether one or one million people are enjoying it. There is an abundance of sunshine, enough for everyone.

Visible Learning Learner Disposition: Optimism - The Power of Optimistic Thinking

"Simple Tips to Raise Optimistic Kids"

Use positive language. The way we speak to our kids, and the kind of praise we use, really sets them up for the way they will perceive a situation. For example, after losing a baseball game say “you worked really hard in that game, I can’t wait to see you try again next week!”. This takes a negative occurrence and highlights the positive, giving hope for the future. Focusing on what goes right rather than what went wrong goes a long way.

Give kids the opportunity to prove their worth. Let your kids feel like they are important contributors to the family dynamic. Believe it or not, kids actually enjoy doing chores. Allow them to help and set them up for success by giving them age appropriate responsibilities. You can monitor this with the use of checklists as reinforcement as well.

Give Your Kids a Positive Outlook. In paying attention to the kind of positive language that you use with your own kids, along with lots of praise beyond “good job” you raise optimistic kids. Have conversations about negative occurrences and focus on what that means for the future. Your kids will learn to think about what happens in their lives as potential for positives in the future, and will benefit greatly from this kind of positive outlook on life.

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The Learning Pit Opportunity

The Learning Pit is one way to explain why more challenge leads to enhanced learning opportunities. The Learning Pit is self differentiating, helps develop a community of learners, and builds self esteem once the student is encouraged to go through the learning pit.

BES faculty/staff will often refer to the "learning pit" with their students! Please help support this initiative at home by talking to your students about "the learning pit."

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Save the Dates...

January 2022

5 - Students Return to School

6 - MLK Posters and Essays DUE

7 - Parent Lighthouse Team Meeting

11 - Report Cards Issued

17 - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday - NO SCHOOL

19 - National Popcorn Day

February 2022

10 - Progress Reports Issued

10 - PTO (Kindergarten/1st Grade Performance)

17 - Parent Teacher Conferences - Student Dismissed Early

18-22 - Winter Break - NO SCHOOL

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