Dork Diaries

Rachel Renee Russell

Setting, Major and Minor Characters

The story takes place at Westchester high school with a girl named Nikki Maxwell, her two best friends Chloe, Zoey, a mean girl named Mackenzie Hollister, Nikki's crush Brandon, Nikki's dad, mom, and little sister Brianna.


Nikki gets backstage tickets to a concert to meet with Trevor Chase, a music producer, to discuss recording a song she wrote but somehow they were stolen she suspects Mackenzie. After the meeting and gets her own reality show. Meanwhile all of her voice lessons dance practice and reality show she no longer has time for friends. She becomes overwhelmed and doesn't know what to do. Later at her CD release party her CD's go missing. The end up doing a kissing both and make lots of money.
Nikki Maxwell - Baby Baby (Dork diaries)