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Engage Students Immediately with Technology


Welcome back to a new school year! Excitement is at its peak and students are beginning to fill the desks in your classroom. Pretty soon, in addition to the pencils and notebooks that occupy space on the desk, a Chromebook will soon find a home there. But, aside from classroom integration, how can students be engaged immediately before Chromebooks are used for assignments and research essays? The following list is a tiny sampling of ideas for you to use in the first week or so to introduce technology into your classroom, try something new, and get students excited about the year ahead.

Quizizz (or Kahoot!)

By now, we've all become well versed in how to use Kahoot (and perhaps, Quizizz) in the classroom. From pre-assessments to quiz reviews to just plain fun, these are great tools to use. However, why not use them as an introduction to the class? After the class has been introduced to the classroom policies and procedures, students could take a quiz using one of these platforms. Gamifying a typically non engaging lesson could inspire students to become more committed to their learning and maybe even remember your expectations beyond the usual time frame!


If you've been around me or followed my Twitter feed at all since the end of last year, you have been enamored with news and tips about Flipgrid's use in the classroom since I've become an Ambassador and Certified Educator of the site. If you're unfamiliar with Flipgrid, this is a video response tool that allows teachers to post a question or discussion prompt and students respond using their personal devices using video. A truly versatile tech tool that could be used as an icebreaker in the class, a get to know you activity, or a reflection of their first few days of a new school year. If you're interested in how else this amazing tool could be used, contact me!

Class Dojo

If you're unfamiliar with Class Dojo, this is a site based on avatars that allow teachers to record behavior, take attendance (aside from Campus), and even display behavior data that may help teachers adjust seating charts or teaching techniques with a class. Additionally, this data can be seen by parents in real time, even knowing about the student's behavior before the school day ends. The really neat thing about engaging students with Class Dojo is that students have an opportunity to create their own avatar. What student wouldn't want to design their own avatar to take ownership of their representation in the classroom?

Google Drawing

Google Drawing has numerous uses in the classroom. However, an activity that was shared with us by our new administrator was a "Get to Know You" poster, which hangs outside each classroom door. This was an awesome idea for teachers, but how neat would it be for each student to showcase little pieces of their lives? Using Google Drawing, students can create a Get to Know You poster, a collage of their favorites, or they can even pick a word that describes them and locate images and clip art that matches that word to develop a reflective poster.

Other Ideas?

As mentioned previously, this is a really tiny sampling of ways to engage students in the first week of school. If you have other ideas, don't hesitate to share them with your colleagues, on Twitter, or even with me. I always welcome new ideas for engaging students using technology in the classroom.

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