The Weekly Knot

Vol. 2 Issue: 38: Strong Schools come from Strong Teams

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Weekly Happenings

B week for Media Center

Chromebooks are NOT available for checkout

Monday May 23, 2016


8:30-10:30 4th Grade Reading

SMI: Lambaise in the Computer Lab

Tuesday May 24, 2016


8:30-10:30 4th Grade Reading

SMI: Johnson in the Computer Lab

SMARTboard Training session with Ms. Birkhead

Wednesday May 25, 2016

Fundraiser Parties

8-8:45 a.m. K-2

9-9:45 a.m. 3-5

PARCC Make-ups

SMI: Sanchez in the Computer Lab, Agnew- chromebooks

Collaborative Planning @ 2:15, various locations

Count on Us @ 4 p.m. on Comcast 96 and Verizon 38

PTA Meeting @ 4 p.m.

Office of Talent and Development Meeting about our needs for a new principal: 6-7 p.m. in the Media Center

Thursday May 26,2016

PARCC Make-ups

SMI: Ramirez in the Computer Lab

Friday May 27, 2016

PARCC Make-ups

SMI: Towers in the Computer Lab

Monday May 30, 2016

No School Memorial

The Media Connection - Library Media News from Ms. Arax

1) Public Library Assembly: I'm happy to announce that our second annual Public Library Summer Reading Assembly will be held on Thursday, June 2nd. I have worked with the Public Library staff so each of our students will have access to book check out, online resources, and public computers during the summer. Stay tuned for details.

2) Important Book Return Information for the 2015-16 School Year:

Last checkout week for students: This week

All books due back from students: by Friday, June 3rd

Overdue notices to students: the week of June 6th

Last checkout date for staff: Friday, June 10th

Final return date for staff: by Monday, June 13th

3) Professional development opportunities and information for you:
a) Celebrate Children’s Book Week with Author Talks and Classic Books
b) Library of Congress and Mid-Atlantic Public Libraries Kick Off Summer Essay Contest

c) New National Museum of African American History and Culture Information

d) Analyzing Historical Weather Tools to Understand Core Scientific Concepts
e) New Science Primary Source Sets from the Library of Congress: Weather Forecasting and Scientific Data
f) New Arrivals at the Bonnie Johns Professional Library can be found here

4) See below for information on accessing your account in Destiny. Students and staff can access this catalog from anywhere 24/7.

Accessing our Library Media Center Online Catalog

1) Click on:

2) Pick our school by clicking links (and scrolling down): Elementary -> Edward M. Felegy Elementary

3) Log into system: Use the same user id and password as you do for your PGCPS e-mail

4) You will see Home and Catalog Tabs

a) Home Tab: Offers Online resources, Ebooks, and Teacher Resources

b) Catalog Tab: Search for books that we have in the Media Center, see if they are available and check your account.