Family Fluency Program

Help build your child's reading fluency

Family Fluency Program

We encourage parents to participate in the FFP. You can be part of your child's learning. We will send home a core reading program for you to read with your child. We will host three workshops during the year to help you better understand the role of fluency in reading and to discuss activities that you can do at home with your child.

Parent Workshops

Parents will be given the opportunity to learn research based activities to help build your child's reading fluency. These activities will be taught in three workshops throughout the year.

* The first workshop will include echo reading, choral reading, partner reading, repeated reading, and expressive reading.

* The second workshop you will learn how to assess your child's oral reading for fluency.

* The third workshop audio recordings of your child's improved fluency will be shared, along with choral and echo reading performances.

Results of a study of the Family Fluency Program showed a significantly greater growth in student's fluency for those participating in the FFP than those who did not.