Astronaut Training

By: Isaiah H

What Are Astronauts?

Astronaut means Space Sailor in Greek. Astronaut refers to anyone who has been launched as a crew member aboard a NASA spaceship, going into orbit or farther.

The 4 General Types of Astronauts

Commanders - Commanders are the leaders or the head of the mission, and all of the astronauts take test to see who is the most capable leader. The commander of the mission is in charge of the entire mission, including the equipment and the mission success. Commanders are trained to fly the space craft, and they may also be cross trained.

Pilots - Pilots main job is to pilot the space craft, educationally you need at least a bachelor's degree, in some of the following desired careers engineering, biology, and physical science. Must have at least 1,000 hours of jet aircraft training, and it is desired to have prior military background.

Mission Specialists - Mission Specialists are the astronauts who conduct general science experiments on the International Space Station. Most people who are planing to become mission specialists go to university that are funded by NASA. To be qualified for a mission specialists you are required to pass the class II physical exam and have a type of internship at NASA.

Pay Load Specialists - Pay load specialists conduct science experiments that they are particular familiar with. Pay load specialists do not need to participate in astronaut training. These specialists must have specific schooling for their responsibility. They must although pass the physical examination.

CNN goes through astronaut training

What Goes Into a Astronaut's´ Training?

Astronauts have a very intense training. Astronauts have to practice EVA's (extra vehicular activity), underwater. Astronauts, also have to learn Russian so that they can communicate with Russian Cosmonauts. One other project that they have to go through is the vomit commit KC -135. The vomit commit is intended to help astronauts training for weightlessness.

Extra/Lenght of Training

To become a astronaut you you should be in the age range of 27 to 37. An Astronaut's training can last anywhere between one to two years To be an Astronaut you have to be able to work well with others and also take many classes. They also have to learn the basic of the space shuttle as well as the basics of the International Space Station.


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