Teen anxiety

By Chandler Burmeister

What is teen anxiety

It can be caused by a traumatic events in the child's life or just too much workload and to much to worry about in a persons life and this illness is a disorder

Myth and Facts

M: one way to get away of anxiety or bad thoughts is snapping a rubber band on your wrist F: studies show that suppressing your thoughts makes them worse or your disorder

M: if your panic attack gets to bad you can pass out or loose control F: Its very unlikely that you will faint fainting is caused by a drop in blood pressure and during a panic attack your blood pressure does not fall at actually rises more

Things people dont know about anxiety

Variation of anxiety include social anxiety , PTSD ,OCD and panic disorder

anxiety victims suffer physically and mentally

10% of teenagers and 40% of adults suffer of some anxiety of some sort

Scientist are finding that victims of anxiety have chemical imbalances in the brain

Symptoms for anxiety

Restlessness or sweating and fatigue and behavioral are being irritable fear o nausea poor concentration