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Lots of Changes

New staff, new building, new name, and a new philosophy. What else can we say....but there have been a lot of changes, Here are a few we are really excited about.

Project UnSchool - follow throughout the year to see examples of teachers and students highlighting some of these projects.

Wednesdays are dedicated to Makers Spaces, and Project Based Learning. Staff is being trained through the Buck Institute to deliver high-quality project-based learning experiences to our students. To learn more about PBL click on the What is PBL? and Why PBL? hyperlinks to see why we are so excited. We have lead teachers focusing on their first PBL projects the first nine weeks, and a few others giving it a try also. We are using our Wednesday Project UnSchool time to give our teachers a chance to see how PBL works for them and will continue to expand it across curriculums in the coming years. Baby Steps at first. It is a great way to help our kids gain a deeper understanding of content standards and how to apply them to something authentic in their life.

Ironman's Lab????

Well, we don't have an official name for it yet, but Ironman's lab is kind of the theme. Mr. Wesson has been working all summer painting and designing the newest CNE learning space. The wood and craft shop will remain, and we are excited to unveil this new space...hopefully at the open house. It will feature, 3d printers, Spheros, vex, little bits, Glowforge laser cutters, whiteboard tables, Minecraft labs, and flexible seating options. We will be adding a full-length whiteboard wall and a galvanized steel wall after school starts. It will be used part of our student's weekly Maker Space special, as well as open for teachers to use for their PBL times.

School-wide focus

Not only will we be focusing on PBL, but we will be working on a few other things throughout the school year. We will be doing One School One Book again this year, the plan is one each semester. Number sense routines and high-quality feedback are two things teachers will be working on this year in addition to PBL. Number sense routines will be established through daily number talks, where students will have the opportunity to discuss how math works in class. We also will be focusing on how we grade student work. We want to establish ways to gives feedback to students and how they can use that feedback to deepen their understanding of content as well as work towards making a more polished final draft. Ron Berger has a great example of the power of feedback called "Austin's Butterfly" click on it to see just how powerful feedback can be.


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