Malala Yousafzai

"Advocate for Education Rights"

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Malala Yousafzai is a hero to a large number of people in our population that value education rights for all children, be it both male or female. Taliban had been attacking schools for girls not too long before her "activism". Her bold question at 12 years of age:
"How dare the Taliban take away my basic right to education?"
The result:

After realizing that the Taliban wanted to remove her rights, along with the other females of her country, Yousafzai began to start blogging in protest to them, despite the death threats sent to her. Eventually, she was shot and survived the attack, leaving her as a hero and advocate for women's rights to education.


Yousafzai was born in the year of 1997, and she attended the school that her father had founded. Her family was originally an anti-Taliban activist, leaving her in a more dangerous situation. She went by Gul Makai in school so she could hide her identity.


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Leadership Traits

Courage, Intelligence, Advocation, Determination

Author's Opinion

I for one, would advocate alongside Yousafzai if I were given the chance. Education is valuable and should be for both genders. Her actions cause me to think back to how fortunate I am for my education and safety for being educated. There should be more people like Yousafzai - people that are not afraid to stand up for their rights.