Carolina Pearls

March Newsletter

Congratulations to Laura Reynolds on her Re-promotion to Star Stylist!

I know not all of you want to promote to Star and you like just doing your own personal trunk shows. However, if you are looking to make more money, sponsoring is a good way to layer your income. It is really fun to share the experience with a friend or a guest that you might connect with at a show.

Laura Reynolds re-promoted to Star last month and I wanted to share her journey to Star again. In her own words:

"My weakness is always NGCV, so my focus in January was sponsoring and getting someone off to a fabulous start. I made sure that I was booking and selling which I think is the bigger point. If you're always booking and striving for Stellar Seller, then you will have the GCV and PCV to promote. You will also be meeting enough new people to sponsor. Also, booking in tight in January and early February and front loading February. If you think about how hectic crazy my February was at the end- if I had not front loaded it never would have happened. I didn't hit Stellar Seller, but didn't miss it by much, and I had enough GCV and NGCV. I tried to keep the team engaged with a drawing for The Classic bag from all qualified stylists."

I think the biggest take away we can get from Laura is that she really had a plan and set her goals high. Star does not just happen, it is a promotion you have to set a goal for and get everyone engaged on your team.

Something to keep in mind as you are talking to women about the opportunity, we all need to be aware of what the potential stylists' "WHY" is. By doing this we are preventing people from signing up and never selling anything. Let's stay away from Kit-Nappers.

Good luck on promotions this month! I can feel it in my blood there will be a lot of celebrating

The Fabulous "20" in sales for February

Here are the stylists that earned their 5% bonus!

****** 1. Laura Reynolds- Star****** $4,403

2. Kelli Stanley-Lead Stylist $3,306
3. Janie Roe $2,651
4. Cindy Epps-Lead Stylist $2,348

Here are the stylists that qualified and earned business supply credits!
5. Heather Dilberto $1,857
6. Stephanie Ham $1,705
7. Jennifer Holleran-Lead Stylist $1,578
8. Jessie Hansel-Lead Stylist $1,549
9. Dana Sellers-Star Stylist $1,420
10. Heather Stepp-Senior Stylist $1,319
11. Shaunna Egen $1,003
12. Natacha Montilla $828
13. Anne Bennett-Lead Stylist $796
14. Mandy Owens-Lead Stylist $779
15. Cindy Bennett $686
16. Paula Chrismon $582
17. Sandy Entin $568
18. Kelly Bowers $547
19. Katie Webb $529
20. Rita Straker-Lead Stylist $519

"Top in Spomsoring"

Cindy Epps-1 new stylist
Anne Bennett-1 new stylist
Kelli Stanley-1 new stylist

Here are our newest Pearls!

Heather Chumley (Not Pictured)

Carolina Pearl Beach Trip!!!! What happens at the Beach Stays at the Beach!

Qualifications to earn the girls weekend to Myrtle Beach! This is the last month to qualify!!!!!
(Note we are changing date of weekend because of some conflicts. We will be announcing soon.)

If you sell $2308 (1500 PCV) in February and March each month you are going to the BEACH!!!
You sell $5000 in February OR March as a Stellar Seller (Feb and March you must be qualified)
You sell $500 in February and March and get paid one month at Senior Level and above!

Summer Splash!!!

We have so much to work for these next 4 months! I am shooting for Level 4 and I want my trip to Hoopla paid for! This will be my 5th year going to Hoopla and I am so excited. It truly will change your business and you will take away so many tips and life changing thoughts to make your life better.

I have signed up and I am getting the bag for being one of the first 2000 people to sign up. My plan is to sell the bag at half price to get most of my money back for the $199 registration or use the bag as an incentive. I encourage everyone to sign up now before all the bags are gone.

The Pearls that have signed up now from our team are: Laura Reynolds, Kelli Stanley, Jennifer Holleran, Heather Stepp and Lauren Whitfield. If you have signed up let me know! ASAP We will help everyone find a roomie if needed.

Hoopla here we come!!!!!

Sponsoring Note

If you are sponsoring make sure that your new stylists are on our Carolina Pearl FB page. This is how most of our communication is sent, it is a great community to share positivity and recognition. Make sure when you post on any of the Stella & Dot pages that you do not mind 7000 people seeing your comments. I think it is best if you have a complaint to share it with your upline or closest active sponsor instead of a public place.