Fourth Grade Newsletter

January 2016

Math Minutes

Welcome back! We are excited to start the new year with a few days reviewing probability and graphing before taking our quiz on January 12th. (Please note that the study guides now include a few sample questions for practice at home.) The students have worked with graphs often in science, so they are comfortable creating and interpreting graphs. They have really enjoyed analyzing games and the probability of winning in order to prove if the games are fair or not. Next, we will move on to multiplying two-digit numbers by two- and three-digit numbers. We will begin with the Box method to insure the students understand the process and then move to the traditional method for its efficiency. We will also return to division and look more at the long division process for dividing three-digit numbers by one-digit numbers. At the end of the month, we will begin studying decimals; we will read, write, model, compare, order, and round decimals.

Reading Reminders

For the third nine weeks students will be focusing on fiction. More specifically, students will look into how authors write for a variety of purposes, use sensory words, and identify the problem and solution of a text. Students will continue to practice word analysis skills using their knowledge of synonyms, antonyms, and context clues. Along with reading every night. students will be expected to complete a weekly review sheet. This sheet will consist of four questions each night and will be collected on Fridays.

Content Update

I am excited to announce that we will focus on science once again this month. Our first unit is designed to understand the concepts of electricity and Virginia natural resources will be our second unit starting towards the end of January. Students will take home their vocabulary words for electricity the first day back, January 6th. They will have one week to study these words and their vocabulary test will be given on Wednesday, January 13th. Please make sure students study vocabulary each night and over the weekend to prepare for this test. The vocabulary contains all the concepts covered in this unit. A study guide for the unit test will be given to students on Monday, January 11th. A great way for students to find their vocabulary words, video clips, diagrams, and more is to click on the following .

Writing Wrap-Up

In writing students will continue to write for a variety of purposes during writer’s workshop. Students will also practice using commas correctly.

Upcoming Dates

January 11--Report Cards Go Home, Science Vocabulary Test

January 13--Reading Benchmark, Probability/Graphing Test

January 14--Date Night with Dad

January 18--Martin Luther King, Jr. Day--No School

January 20--Science Test

January 21--Math Benchmark, PTA Meeting

January 22--Science Assessment

January 27--Donuts with Dads