Welcome to our Usborne team

I'm excited for you to be building your new business!

I'm Clare Johnson, your mentor, and my contact details are:

Congratulations on taking the first step to having more choices for you and your family! It's opened up so many new possibilities for us, so I get excited when someone else takes the step.

Please do request to join our closed team group on Facebook to benefit from the support and training on offer. You can find us here https://www.facebook.com/groups/thebookboomers/
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Launching your business

Most organisers find that a great way to kick things off is to put a date in your diary to invite all your friends and family around to take a look at your kit. You could start now by writing a list of your FROGS contacts. This stands for Friends, Relatives, Organisations, Geographical and School links.

Wherever you decide to host your first event, then the Perfect Party Prescription (found in this section of 'tools and downloads') can help you too. And using the simple, FREE PRIZE DRAW slips will generate lots of new leads and bookings for you.

Please do speak to me before processing your first order, so that I can make sure you are claiming all the benefits and maximising your order. The organiser handbook is also a great place to look, and there's a video example of an order in our team Facebook group as well.

Getting logged in and finding information

You will have received an email from head office informing you of your organiser number and password for the Organisers only site. Once you are logged in, the home page of this site is a blog where we are kept up to date with everything going on in the world of Usborne. The 'Tools and Downloads' section of the site contains so many useful resources, including marketing materials, posters and the all important organiser handbook. There's a lot there, so please don't feel like you need to read them all in one go. Just pick out the ones that interest you, or ask me and the rest of the team for suggestions about what we found most useful to begin with!

Head office regularly send details special offers and annoucements out by email so please add Usborne (mail@usbornebooksathome.co.uk) to your safe senders list to make sure you don't miss out.

Your Passport to Success - the Quickstart Programme

Your kit will arrive by FedEx courier in the next few days and will include a booklet called 'Passport to Success'. Have a look through this and see what stands out for you in terms of what you would like to get out of being an organiser. The planner in the back is so useful!

I was like a child at Christmas when my kit came. So many beautiful books! In the mean time though, you can still get started to make the most of your incentive period.

Click here to find out about the Quickstart Programme. It is a really effective tool offered by Usborne to help give you the opportunity to try a bit of everything and see what you enjoy the most, and it really helps to build your confidence. It also gives you a flying start. You can aim for as few or as many of the milestones as you like an. I achieved all my milestones and it benefited me tremendously when I started because it got my momentum going, but also because it encouraged me to have a bash at mentoring which I hadn't planned on doing. Turns out that helping others is my favourite part, and so I am so glad I did!

In addition, the free book percentage on orders over £120 is a fantastic 20% (usually 10%) in your first six weeks. You can really take advantage of that if you choose to!

If you want to go for all four goals, (the last being to promote to Team Leader by recruiting 4 other people to your team and achieving £1800 worth of sales between you) do let me know and we can talk this through and make a plan.
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Support from me

I love speaking to my team regularly and I usually find it the best way to help you achieve your objectives. My role is to provide you with the guidance, tools and confidence to develop your business, your way. I love nothing more than empowering other to build something that is all theirs, which is why I love my 'job' so much. You can book your first call in with me using this link: https://clarejohnson.youcanbook.me/

I'm not employed by Usborne, I started my business just like you are now - with my £48 kit. It's one of the best things I've ever done, and I believe that anybody who wants to can make a success of it.
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