Lola Steppes rise to fame!

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How the rise to popularity started

Lola steppe was at The bottom of the social pyramid After auditioning for the school play and Lola gets the main star carla also auditioned for Eliza that's when the rivalries begin.

Carla and Ella Try to beg their parents to let them go to last concert for.their favorite band

When they finnaly get permission to go, So they take the train to NYC they loose the money for the concert.

At that very moment they started to loose all hope they find Carla faveroite member of TH ban laying drunk on the streets.

Shocked at the fact that this just happened they take him with them and go t the concert.

then he invited them into his dressing room

yes that's right, our schools Lola steppe in Stu`s dressing room an she got to try on a bunch o his super cool celebrity status clothes an she sees Carla in the after party

But when we got back t school she denies ever seeing Lola and Ella.there

Was Lola being framed as a.liar?

But Lola as so sad depressed and furius at Carla an refused to go the play

but luckily Ella gof he u out if bed and on the stage

the show.went spectacular

Carlasfamily was very rich and held the after party for.

then when Lola was dancing stu came.through the crowd and have her back her necklace

we.we're.all shocked

Carla was proved wrong and now Lola steppe ha the seat at the top of the social pyramid.