Bonding Through a Game

Hannah Luk

Feathers From a thousand Li Away

My favorite parable is Feathers From a Thousand Li Away because a theme in this parable is a hope for a better life. The woman in the parable has a good life set out for her future moving over to america and have a good life for her. "It comes from afar and carries with it all my good intentions." She gave her daughter a feather from a swan she had that symbolized hope for her.


Lindo and June Jong

If I could read another mother daughter pairing from the Joy Luck Club I want to read the Jong family. Lindo's story on how she found herself and had the guts to disobey her planned fate is really captivating. She put up with growing up away from her family and marrying a man she didn't love.


"I know how it is to live your life like a dream. To listen and watch, to wake up and try to understand what has already happened. You do not need a psychiatrist to do this. A psychiatrist does not want you to wake up. He tells you to dream some more." ( Tan 241) This quote made me actually think about whats happened in my past. To go back and see what is a priority that I myself can fix or improve on my own terms. Not someone elses ideas of how to help someone.

Thematic Paragraph

In 'Joy Luck Club', Amy Tan conveyed the theme of Identity. She does this by having the mother's background inflicting on their daughters in a form of reassurance. When An-mei first met second wife she had to act like she was her own mother later on when her mother committed suicide and second wife loses her power she knew her mother controlled her own destiny and teaches that to her daughter Rose. Ted and Rose's marriage fell apart and she didn't know what to do. An-mei was saying to control what she could and make the choice. Ted wanted to have the house back from Rose but she took her mother's advice and said that she was going to live there and he " [Couldn't] just pull [her] out of [his] life and throw [her] away." (Tan 194) The two learned to break away and found that they could control their own destiny.