Antonio Cruz

Brief Description of Job

A Pediatrician is a Doctor that only specializes in children and all of their diseases and physical, emotional needs like a normal famaly doctor but only treats Infants

Needs to knows

Requirements: A.S degree and bachelors degree

3 Colleges

  • Baylor University ,Waco TX
  • Albany Medical college,Albany NY
  • Boston University,Boston MA
Salary:173,000 per year

Outlook 2020

This job will always be needed and in 20 years probably , because more babies will be born . and some babies are born with death defects and they will need smarter docters , also will need advanced help . them being treated by docters that are more advanced , they have a better chance of living a longer healther life . i think that in 20 there will be a lot of more jobs for babie docters .