kids are lost in this world.

Lost In Haiti

A girl named Jermen was born disabled. She was born without hands but, she had a happy life with her mother. Soon her mother died when she was 10 years old. So she needed to survive in Haiti. So she took some money that was left in the house. Haiti is a tropical island with beautiful jungles. There are lots of water and fruits to eat there. She slept in the jungle with nobody helping her. Six years later she found the authority of Haiti and explained it to them what happened. then the authority provided her food, education, and shelter. She had a happily ever after.

Small as an elephant


This book is about how a mother and son go on a vacation trip to Maine. The next morning jack woke up abandoned. for the next few days he starts looking for his mom, Soon he thought he would never find his mom,and then he Quit looking for her. Soon, after a man named big jack a friend of jack had met him while looking for his mom. He found him and took him to an animal shelter were they found his grandmother. She told him what happened. Read this book to see what happened.

compare and contrast: Non fiction VS. Fiction

jermen survived is in a jungle while jack is in a desert of Maine. Jermen is a female while jack is a male. jack took less than a year while jermen took 6 years. Jack had been helped and jermen didn't. Jermen was Abandoned in her hometown and Jack in another place. Both had to survive. Both were abandoned by their mother. Both stories had a happy ending.

I like the article because a girl without hand and survived is interesting.


the Moral of the story is try so you can achieve what you want.