Google Search Tips

Tip 1: Narrow down to a specific file type

This would have been helpful when I was in school. I think that being able to narrow the type of file down to a specific file type like PowerPoint, pdf, etc is a great tool. I would show students this feature as apart of teaching them research and study tips. I'm always trying to help my students get ready for college.

Tip 2: Searching within a Specific Website

I always thought this was a partnership between specific sites and Google. This is a great tool to teach students how to narrow down their search quickly. When teaching students how to look for college and scholarship information, this would be awesome to helping them search faster and more efficiently.

Tip 3: Excluding Keywords

One of my previous jobs was working in a marketing department, so I understand the idea of paying for ad words. Ever since then when doing research, it takes me a while to narrow it down because I know the first few sites have paid for that positioning. The ability to remove paid sites helps you get a truer idea of the information you are looking for and this is definitely something I would like to teach my students how to do.