By; Hannah H.

What is Energy?

Energy is a property that has many different types. Energy can be transferred or changed, but not created or destroyed.

Types of Energy

  • Kinetic Energy- energy of movement
  • Potential Energy- stored energy

Thermal Energy

Thermal Energy is energy that comes from heat. Such as warmth from fire or a flame. Thermal energy can travel through thermal radiation, conduction, or convection, and can be used for cooking.

Light Energy

Light energy is the only form of energy that we can see. Common examples are light bulbs, and light from the sun. Light travels as a wave, but does not require any matter to travel, making it the only form of energy that can travel through a vacuum.

Electrical Energy

Electrical energy is energy that is caused by moving electric charges. Electricity is a flow of electrons, which can travel through wires, which is called an electric current. An electric current can only travel if there's something to move it. Electrical charges moving through a wire are a form of electrical energy.

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy is the energy in the nucleus of an atom, and is released during nuclear fission or fusion. Nuclear energy is used for heat and electricity. It travels by the splitting of atoms, and the chain reaction causes heat. Nuclear energy generates heat, which is then used to spin steam turbines, creating electricity.

Chemical Energy

Chemical energy is energy that is stored in chemical compounds. Things such as batteries example stored chemical energy. It is released in a chemical reaction.

Mechanical Energy

Mechanical energy is all of the potential and kinetic energy, the energy of the motion and position of an object. It travels through mechanical waves, and therefore travels through a medium, and can move over a long distance. A moving car has mechanical energy bcaus of it's motion.

Sound Energy

Sound energy is energy that is caused by vibrations of matter. It travels through mechanical waves, which are a disturbance that moves energy from one place to another. Such as a bell; when a bell rings, it vibrates, quickly flexing inward and outward, and pushes and pulls air particles, which creates a sound wave.

Energy Transformation

Energy transformation is when energy changes from one form to another. Even though energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can be transformed. Types of energy transformation include chemical, mechanical, electrical, and nuclear.