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September 22, 2022

School Wide Morning Meeting (SWMM)

Our first School Wide Morning Meeting (SWMM) was a HUGE success! During this time frame, all of the staff and students gathered in the Gym to participate in a morning meeting, greeting and sharing activity. During this time frame, students were able to cheer on the staff as they played a Minute to Win It game where the participants had to act like walruses, using stirring sticks (representing their tusks) to collect marshmallows to build a tower. It was a blast! School Wide Morning Meetings help sustain a positive building culture and foster a sense of unity in our Parkway school community.- Dr. Smith

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Deaf Awareness Week

At Parkway, we continue to embed inclusive and diverse practices into our teaching and learning experiences. This week, we would like to recognize Deaf Awareness Week. Please click on the link to learn how to sign Parkway’s character words.
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National Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month is being recognized between September 15th-October 15th. This is a time to celebrate the history, culture and contributions of people whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America. At Parkway, students participate in activities and are exposed to literature featuring Hispanic/Latinx authors, illustrators and characters.

Transportation Update

Students that have a change in transportation for one-day need to bring a note from home stating what the transportation plans for that day are. If there is not a note from a family member, the student will follow the usual transportation plans. Please call the office with a change in plans by 1:00 p.m. providing us with ample time to notify the classroom teacher. Please do not call the classroom teacher with a change in plans as they often do not receive their messages until the end of the school day and/or they may have a guest teacher in the room.

Please note, if you are arriving at school to pick up your student early, please send a note to school with your student allowing us ample time to get your student and place them in the office so they are waiting for you when you arrive. If you arrive after 2:25PM. to pick up your student, and you haven’t notified the classroom teacher or the office staff ahead of time, you may be asked to wait outside until the dismissal process begins.


As the weather changes, as Covid cases rise and as flu season begins, I thought now would be a great time to review the protocol for students experiencing symptoms and illness. Prior to attending school or school sponsored events, all staff, students, and visitors should participate in a self-screener.


Did you start to experience any of the following symptoms since you last were in school? If yes, please do not report to school today.

  • _____ Temp of 100 or higher

  • _____ Sore Throat

  • _____ New uncontrolled cough that causes difficulty breathing (for those with

chronic allergic/asthma cough, a change in the cough from the baseline)

  • _____ Diarrhea, vomiting, or abdominal pain

  • _____ New onset of severe headache, especially with a fever

  • _____ Chills

  • _____ Fatigue

  • _____ Muscle or body aches

  • _____ New loss of taste or smell

  • _____ Congestion or runny nose (not due to seasonal allergies)

Please note the following regarding illness and absences: A student with a fever of 100° or above should remain at home until their temperature is within normal range (without the use of medications) for 24 hours. If vomiting or diarrhea occurs, keep your student home from school for 24 hours after the last episode (without medication) and until the student can keep fluids and food down.

Your student is instructed to report to their teachers any personal injuries, accidents or illnesses that occur during the day. If your student experiences an injury or becomes ill during school hours with a temperature of 100° or more, has vomited and/or had diarrhea or has visited our health room more than two times in a day, we will contact you or an emergency contact to pick up your student from school.

All communicable diseases must be reported to the North Health Department within 24 hours of onset, according to the State Statute 252.05 and all determined quarantine guidelines should be adhered to.

If your student is absent for three (3) consecutive days due to illness, the student will be required to provide a medical excuse. If your student has any restrictions due to injuries, a doctor’s excuse is required for our records. Your student will remain under restriction until a doctor’s release is provided to the school office.

Birthday Information

We realize that birthdays are a special occasion for many families; however, birthday parties at school are NOT allowed. Please keep birthday treats to a minimum in order to be least disruptive to the class-learning environment. If you plan to bring a birthday treat, please contact the classroom teacher so they can plan for the treat in the daily schedule. Whole cakes, ice cream, and cup cakes and balloons are discouraged. When sending birthday treats to school, please make sure that the treats are store bought, do not contain peanuts or tree nuts and are individually packaged. We want to ensure that we are keeping everyone safe.
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Important Dates in the Month of September

September 23rd - No School for Students/ Professional Development for Staff

September 26th - No School for Students- Rosh Hashanah