Class Meetings: 8/16 - 8/17

Introductions & Expectations

August 15th: All Grade Levels

1. Assemble students into class meeting stance. (Remember all students in a circle with no one behind someone else.)

-Greeting Activity: Have students practice saying good morning to one another while learning names. (Start at one side of the circle have students say "Good Morning, my name is _______)

You can adapt and expand this activity with them as you like.

2. Explain class meetings and class meeting expectations to your students.

3. Have your students come up with class meeting "norms" together with guidance. (Sample Below)

If you want this poster (below), I can print it, or your class might want to come to a agreement that they and you create. They could sign their own created document, and this will be a powerful tool for keeping them accountable.

Big picture

August 16th: All Grade Levels

Use the link below to find an "Getting To Know You" Activity for today's class meeting.

Or, if you have one you would prefer, you could use it. :)

Have fun beginning to enjoy each other's company.

Ana Travis

Sonntag Elementary

School Counselor