Claim:Cracking Knuckles

Does it Cause Arthritis

Does cracking your knuckles really cause arthritis? Well there is evidence pointing to both sides. There are some side effects and some good things that come from cracking your knuckles. I bet you have heard someone tell you that it does cause arthritis but it may or may not be true.

Causing Arthritis

The evidence pointing to the arthritis side is that when you crack your knuckles it creates space between the joints and the space gets bigger every time you crack your knuckles and it causes your joints to become week and it causes arthritis. Also, if you crack your knuckles for a long time and you’ve been cracking them then your grip isn’t as strong and your fingers feel week.

There is the evidence pointing to the other side too, which is the side that believes the counter-argument. In some studies they have said that people who have cracked their knuckles then they have a less chance of getting osteoarthritis. The study was taken a long time ago but some recent studies say the same thing.