Booking Blitz, Fill YOUR Cup This Week, February #'s!

GOOD-BYE January & February ... HELLO March & April!

March and April at Stella & Dot are 2 of the most profitable months of our year! Hostesses and customers are ready to come out of hibernation and re-connect with friends, we're starting to see a little sunshine and ladies are READY to add some COLOR to their wardrobes!

AND... in order to take advantage of this - we need to BOOK SOME TRUNK SHOWS!!

Here's what's going to happen if you PICK UP THE PHONE and FILL YOUR CALENDAR:

1. Without a doubt, 100% undeniable and proven - you're going to FEEL GREAT!

2. You're going to make $$$!

3. You're going to have FUN at the trunk shows!

4. You're going to meet new prospective Hostesses!

5. You're going to meet new prospective Stylists!

6. You're going to become a better Stylist after every TS you do! Practice makes perfect...

7. Because of above - you're going to have more confidence and courage to talk about your business to people you know and strangers!

Your Genuine ENTHUSIASM and POSITIVITY IS INFECTIOUS and will naturally attract people to YOU and YOUR BUSINESS!

Here's how we're going to do it: TEAM-WIDE BOOKING BONANZA!

The Details:

* Monday, 3/10 - Friday, 3/21|midnight EST

* Warm up 5-10+ prospects on Monday and Tuesday of each week (mail a Look Book or mini Look Book along with a personal note or E-mail a Warm-up note. Don't re-create the wheel- let the Home Office do the heavy-lifting - use to March's 'Word's to Say.' Make sure to let them know, "I'll be in touch with you this week" in your note - this will help make you accountable."

* CALL TO FOLLOW UP Thursday and Friday EACH WEEK with EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON you warmed-up.

*E-mail me the (1) Hostess Name (2) Date of Trunk Show

* Trunk Shows MUST be in MARCH or APRIL (this will naturally help you book your May and June calendar!)

*I'll post updates as they arrive!

* The Stylist who books the most NEW TS's for March and April (with a minimum of FOUR (4) shows booked) wins a $35 SEPHORA Gift card! A little TLC & Pampering for YOU!

The Small Print: For the purpose of this Incentive, only "home/office" trunk shows count. For example, in March and April I have 2 "Ladies Night Out" scheduled where lots of other vendors are going to be present. This is going to be GREAT exposure for my business, but historically very low in sales, so my shows would not count toward this challenge.

Can't wait to see WHO will win this Challenge! We're all starting in the exact -same starting spot ... Why Not YOU!?!?!

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Fill YOUR Cup this Week...Top-Notch, Inspirational Training:

New Stylist Training Webinar
Monday, March 10th
12pmPT/2pmCT/3pmET (30 min)
Webinar Link
Password: stella
Dial In: (855) 749-4750
Access Code: 664 190 465
This webinar is intended for Stylists who have just started their Stella & Dot business. We’ll cover the basics of Jumpstart, booking your first Trunk Shows, and setting goals for yourself. If you have a brand new Stylist on your team, encourage her to attend and follow up afterwards to answer any questions she may have. (All New Stylists are sent a personal email inviting them this webinar.) You will need to call in for audio, as well as click the link to watch the webinar.

Tips From the Top featuring Senior Director, Cheryl Cameron
Tuesday, March 11th
10amPT/12pmCT/1pmET (30 min)
Dial In: (800) 747-5150
Access Code: 6977091
Mark your calendar to join our Tips from the Top call series where each week we feature one of our Field Executives who will share her inspiration, training tips and a 'call to action' for each of us! This week's special guest is Cheryl Cameron, from British Columbia and leader of the Coastal Charms. Tune in to hear Cheryl coach on how to make the most of this week!

New Stylist Booking Blitz
Tuesday, March 11th
12pmPT/2pmCT/3pmET (90 min)
Webinar Link
Password: stella
Dial In: (855) 749-4750
Access Code: 666 130 320
Encourage your New Stylists to attend this special Booking Blitz webinar designed just for them. We will cover the Words To Say on the phone, how to respond to objections and what to say when you hear no. After a quick rev up call, Stylists will take those tips and make booking calls for the next hour while staying connected on the webinar. National Training Coach, Meg Galletti will be on the line to answer any questions and give encouragement along the way. After the hour of calling, we'll share some tips on successful follow up and Hostess Coaching. This is a great way for your new Stylist to book her first shows in a fun, supportive environment.
Please note, to access the webinar you must be logged in from a computer, however the audio is available from any device.

Deep Dive Training with Star Stylist, Gina Bogda on "How I sponsored 7 Stylists in 2 weeks!"
Wednesday, March 12th
(800) 747-5150
Access Code: 6977091
Tune into this week’s Deep Dive call to hear exactly how Star Stylist, Gina Bogda tweaked a few practices in her business and ended up sponsoring 7 new team members in 2 short weeks!

Life Coach Call on Time Mastery with CEO and Founder, Jessica Herrin
Thursday, March 13th
9amPT/11amCT/12pmET (30 min)
(877) 303 6918
No Access Code
Join this monthly series to hear coaching tips from your CEO and Founder, Jessica Herrin. Jessica will cover real life challenges we all encounter as we strive to balance work and family, manage our time, stay motivated and ultimately achieve our goals.

Stella & Dot Opportunity Webinar with CEO and Founder, Jessica Herrin
Thursday, March 13th
12pmPT/2pmCT/3pmET (30 min)
Webinar Link
Password: stella
Dial In: 855-749-4750
Access Code: 666 014 918
Mark your calendars and share this event with your prospective Stylists to attend this webinar with CEO and Founder, Jessica Herrin. Jessica will share the Stella & Dot opportunity, why now is the perfect time to start a new business, and tips on the best way to get started. This is a “must do” for anyone who may be on the fence about the opportunity.
Please note, to access the webinar you must be logged in from a computer, however the audio is available from any device

Rising Star
Friday, March 14
Register for program by clicking here
If you or a team member are ready to grow and share our mission to empower more flexible entrepreneurs then join the Rising Star group and receive focused training, fun challenges and personalized follow up to help you achieve your goals and promote to Star Stylist by Hoopla. What’s more, if you follow the proven plan for success you will be on track to achieve Level 3 or 4 of the Summer Splash incentive! Once your registration is approved, you will receive an email invite to join the weekly Rising Star Training Call.

February by the #'s!

KUDDOS to every, single Stylist who worked their business in February. Whether that was selling 1 bracelet, having 1-2 trunk shows or having the courage to hand out your business card and a Look Book to a stranger!

February is one of our most challenging months - BIG Congrats to everyone who Qualified ($500+ in Sales)!!

Retail Sales

Michelle Whitney $2734

Patricia Butler $1952

Louise Taylor $1070

Katie Dreher $587

Cynthia Harris $530

Meagan Kingman $515

Heidi Bruce $509