Southwestern Elementary School

December Newsletter

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Important Dates

December 1- Kindergarten-Third Grade Winter Concert 7:00pm

December 2- Jurassic World Live!

December 14- Preschool Winter Program 6:00pm

December 16- Class Winter Parties (times vary)

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SWE Lunch Guests-Updated to add Friday!

SWE is excited to once again invite parents into the building for lunch! To ensure we are able to accommodate all guests, we have set some guidelines.

1. SWE will be open for lunch guests on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays only.

2. All lunch guests must have an approved background check on file with the office.

Background checks take up to 2 weeks to complete, so plan accordingly.

3. Please make a reservation using the link below. We have a limited number of seats

available, and we want to ensure we are able to accommodate all guests.

4. Our cafeteria is not able to accept cash while lunch is being served. In order for guests to purchase a school lunch, the student's account must have the funds to cover the adult lunch

by 3:00pm the day prior to the guest coming in for lunch.

Lunch Times:

Preschool 10:30-11:00

Kindergarten 10:45-11:15

First/Second Grades 11:00-11:30

Third/Fourth Grades 11:15-11:45

Fifth/Sixth Grades 11:30-12:00

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Join us for the Preschool Winter Program!

December 14th at 6:00pm


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Cooler Weather Is Here!

As temperatures are becoming cooler, we are seeing some cold Spartans at recess. Here is a quick reminder of the Southwestern Elementary recess policy.

Children will be sent outside for recess when the temperature is 20 degrees Fahrenheit or above, including the wind chill, and playground conditions permit safe play. During winter, hats, gloves, and scarves are expected. All students go outside for recess on outside recess days. In rare instances where students with asthma or those returning from a serious illness need to remain inside during recess, these students are permitted to stay in the office if they have a parent note. If a child needs to stay in for more than two days, a doctor's note is required.

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Fourth Grade Parade Floats

Fourth grade students studied the science behind parade floats and designed their own floats for a Southwestern Elementary Parade!

SWE Veteran's Day Program

Book Rental Fees

Kindergarten- $99.00

First Grade- $116.90

Second Grade- $102.40

Third Grade-$119.57

Fourth Grade-$127.46

Fifth Grade-$115.32

Sixth Grade-$91.54

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Teaching Assistants and Substitutes Needed!

Do you want to work the same schedule as your children? Do you enjoy working with kids?

We have openings for teaching assistants and substitute teachers. Apply online at

Southwestern Elementary School

3406 W 600 S

Shelbyville, IN 46176