Pythian Home Project

By Grace Thompson

What is the Pythian Home?

The Pythian Home is like an orphanage. It is a place for children to stay because their parents don't want them or can't take care of them, though the parents are allowed to visit their children. They have a website and it says that the home is always in need of more supplies then gives you a list.

What is the project?

The Pythian Home Project was created by Emma Wolfenbererger, Reese Pollok, Grace Thompson, and Katelyn Midgely. We are four 5thgrade girls who all shared the same passion, helping others. The project was created because we wanted to help but had to stay local. Emma ad heard about the Pythian Homes need, and thought we should help them. we started thinking and agreed that it would be best to have school wide donation drive.The idea was approved by Mrs.Rife. We thought it would be smart to have student council help. Student Council and the team agreed on giving each grade a different category of stuff to bring. The team created flyers and asked for the student council to help make donation boxes. But we couldn't have done it without Mrs.Pitman. Special thanks to her. :-)

Project results

Our project was very successful. We never got to meet any children at the home, but that is okay. We had lots of fun with this is project, and I know that tons of other kids are trying to help with different projects.