french vs. american dating

by: john klasek

roles of individuals in dating

Men: French guys are usually strait forward. If he smiles at you it means he likes you. On the first date he will take it to the "next stage" and hold your hand and try to kiss you repeatedly. Things move a lot faster than the American dating style. French men will also give the girl flowers and other gifts every month.


average age

Average age French people date is around 30 compared to American that start around 15-19

dating stages

American: research, attraction, uncertainty, commitment

French: in France its more like attraction, then commitment.

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social media influence

Social media doesn't have too much of an impact on dating mostly because French people mostly go on dates that are in groups


A formal French date is not going out to eat but go for a walk, go to a museum, sit at café and chat, etc. French people have very "tight" social groups. Its more likely he/she will hook up if you and a bunch of friends go out with him/her and his/her friends. Even though French people are formal, most initial dates star out sort of informal.