The Sewing Machine

The master of fashion!

The start of clothing mass production

Using machinery to stitch cloth together, the sewing machine revolutionized clothing mass production forever. It used a system of pulleys and shafts to sew clothes in record time.

About the sewing machine

The sewing machine was invented when Elias Howe felt that sewing clothes manually was too slow and inefficient. This invention replaced the need to manually sew one article of clothing at a time, and allowed for mass production. It was such an innovative invention, that is still used today with little modifications since its development.

About The Inventor

Elias Howe invented the sewing machine in 1846 at the age of 27. Though it was not the first sewing machine design, it was the first to become widely popular.


The sewing machine was a very impactful invention. It led to a surplus of clothes in America and eventually most of the civilized world as it allowed for mass production. It made the production of clothes extremely easy and fast compared to the old technique of hand sewing everything.
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