Dillon.G 7th Period, Mrs.Mackey.

COPD or Chronic Obstructive Polmonary Disease.

This condition is a group of more than three disease, such as Emphysema, Chronic Bronchitis and Asthma, which can cause difficulty breathing, tiredness during simple activities, and can also cause depression and or the feeling of being panicked. Emphysema causes difficulty in breathing and can cause your lungs to process much poorer. Another condition, Asthma, can make you run out of breath very easily and is another factor in difficult breathing.
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Famous People With COPD.

Many famous people have passed away from COPD including:

-Dean Martin

-Johnny Carson

-King Edward VIII, who smoked 12 cigars and 20 cigarettes a day.

Is there a cure to COPD?

Unfortunately, no. But there are medications that can help ease the symptoms in many ways. One of the medications is the rescue inhaler which treats Asthma.

Where is COPD most common?

COPD is a very common disease in America, about 15 million people currently have it.

Worldwide, 329 Million people have COPD with the highest rate in China.

This disease has shot up 22% in the past few decades. The death rate has grown more in men, but more woman have the disease than men but their mortality rate is lower.

Causes of the disease.

This disease is most common in people who smoke cigarettes. It is also caused by smoke from cooking and heating with poor ventilation. In some cases it can be passed down from parents to children.
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How does Tobacco effect this disease?

Smoking cigarettes causes the destruction of the cilia in your lungs. Cilia helps to keep your lungs clean, so as they are destroyed all the dirt and pollution from the cigarettes stay in your lungs. Smoking also damages the Alveoli, which makes it much more difficult to breathe and to gain oxygen.