Parts of a Sentence

By: Rapha Shemeza

Noun Phrase

A noun phrase is a phrase that's contains a noun and acts a subject.

Example The little dogs ran to the owners house as fast as they could.

Little dogs as the Noun Phrase

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Verb Phrase

A verb phrase is a phrase in a sentence that includes the predicate .

Example: He kept working like a machine.

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The are only 3 articles, in the English language a, an, the. An article is a kind of adjective that is used to give some information about the noun.

Example: The dog, ran outside for hours.

:An ostridge attacked the man

: A bowl fell on the floor

Why is I a pronoun

I is a pronoun because it take the place of a noun, instead of saying your name and then your statement.

Example: I will go to the store.

vs. : Rapha will go to the store. (mostly used when it coming from someone else perspective)