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Pesticides and Water Contamination

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Farmers apply harmful pesticides to to their crops in order to keep bugs away from them. Pesticide poisonings of people, livestock, and wildlife can occur when proper care is not taken.

Water Contamination

Applications of pesticides to crops can result in contaminated water resources. Creeks, rivers, and oceans are being contaminated with pesticides and other chemicals commonly used around homes and gardens and especially farms. These chemicals are not only a threat to aquatic life, but they can also affect the quality of our drinking water.

The Connection

Water soluble pesticides are easily transported from the target area into ground water and streams since the pesticides get dissolved in the water. This means that the pesticides may run off to other areas and cause damage to plants and animals in other places.

Impact on the Future

If we continue allowing pesticides to contaminate the water then we may eventually run out of a sufficient source of clean water. Life including plants and animals would die. Water is the worlds most valuable resource and if it is contaminated, then the life is in danger.


Level 1: What do pesticides to do the water?

Level 2: In the long run, how could continues use of pesticides impact life on earth?