Houston Rockets


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Come to the Rockets game!

Come support your Rockets at the game, as our all-star guard James Harden and our all-star center Dwight Howard takes over this team and the NBA by storm!
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Houston Rockets #Pursuit
We have a great chemistry and a great line-up. Together we could be a championship caliber team!
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All about the H-Town

Houston, TX is the most largest city in Southern United States. Houston is known as the world capital of space exploration, and that's why Houston got the name "Houston Rockets".

About the Toyota Center

The Toyota Center is the home of the Houston Rockets (venue). It has been their venue since it was open which is October of 2003.


Toyota Center has more than 10,000 total parking spots within a few blocks, and features 2,500 space, and a seven story parking garage. The Toyota Tundra Garage includes a private skybridge entrance for premium guest, the address for the Toyota Tundra Garage is 1515 Jackson Street Houston, TX 77003


- Exit Gray Ave / Pierce Ave and proceed north to Gray Street
- Gray Street west to San Jacinto Street north
- San Jacinto Street north to Leeland Street east
- Leeland Street east to Tundra Parking Garage or surface lot parking


In the Toyota Center, their concessions provide various amount of concession stands. To see more about the concession stands click here.

Game Time

The average Houston Rockets' game time is usually 7:00pm and the arena opens at 5:30pm

Local Hotels in Houston

Hotel ZaZa

Hotel ZaZa is one of the best 4 stars hotel in Houston. This hotel has a lot of colorful rooms and the theme is fashionable!

Magnolia Hotel

Magnolia Hotel is one of the 4 stars hotel. It is more of a 1926 high rise hotel with stylish rooms, billboard room, and a rooftop pool which is awesome.

Omni Houston Hotel

Omni Houston Hotel has 2 outdoor pools that are beautiful and a spa so you can relax when at your stay in Houston.

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