Online Reg. Duplicate Student

Created with the assistance of Sherry Bell

When a parent attempts to add, through Online Registration, a student that has similar criteria to a student already in Teams, a message window will appear telling the parent the student already exist and to contact their student's campus.

If the parent calls your campus, there are several possible solutions. First, search for the student in Teams. Take note, names could be misspelled.

Option 1: The student is in Teams and attended last school year

The student exist in Teams, but the student has a new gaurdian or parent. Add the parent/guardian to the student's contact record so when the parent/guardian logs into Online Registration or Parent Self Serve (PSS), they can see their student.

Option 2: The student is in Teams but did not attend last school year

The correct contact (with PSS account) is connected to the student but they still do not see their student in the dropdown in Online Registration. Check to see the last date the student was enrolled. If the student was NOT enrolled in the prior school year, a placement record needs to be created in order for the parent/guardian to complete Online Registration for their student.

How to Create a Placement Record

  1. Go to Student Management in TEAMS
  2. Click Maintain Student Placement
  3. Populate the fields accordingly, using next year as the Begin Year.
  4. Select Placement Request Reason: Online Registration
  5. Select Placement Status: Approved
  6. Select Placement Status Date: current date and time
  7. Leave Annual Review set to No
  8. Click Add
  9. Contact the parent and inform them to log out of Online Registration to refresh their account.
  10. Have the parent log in and register the new student.

Option 3: The student is BRAND NEW

· If the student is indeed a brand new student (that happens to share a name and possibly DOB with another student) then you can give the parent a Bypass Code of ‘gc2016’. The code is to be typed into the Bypass Code field in Online Registration and it allows the parent to continue with new student registration.