Energy Conservation!!!

How Should We Save Energy

Why Is Energy Conservation Important??

Energy conservation is important because most of are energy sources comes from coal, petroleum, and gas. These are all non-renewable sources which means when we run out that it there is no more. So when you need to charge you phone you can't because there is nothing to produce the energy to charge it so no TWITTER!!!

Benefits of Energy Conservation:)

If we save are energy and its sources we will have some great benefits which are

-Energy conservation saves you money.

-Energy conservation is good for the environment.

Energy conservation reduces the use of the non-renewable resources which will help a lot.

Energy Consumption Renewable vs Non-Renewable

energy in the US is used a lot

industrial usage-28,460




Total usage- 89,223

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What Can I DO??

You can do a lot for this environment! saving energy is easy just turn off ur light when your not in the room. turn off the water while brushing ur teeth. keep you toaster, coffee maker,hair dryer unplugged until you need it. and instead of using the air conditioner open a window and get the wind to cool off the room. charge you electronics less. don't use regular light bulbs use the energy efficient light bulbs.