By Ryan Linehan


  • Born in 1386 in Florence, Italy
  • Stayed in Florence for most of his life
  • In 1403 he was apprenticed, trained, and educated by Ghiberti
  • He was a very well known sculptor around Italy
  • Donatello was the greatest Florentine sculptor before Michaelangelo
  • The type of artwork Donatello used was sculpting
  • Two of his works are "David" and "Judith"
  • Some of Donatello's patrons were the Medici family, Cosimo, and Piero

The Work - "David"

  • This sculptor is known as David.
  • It was created in 1408.
  • David was "intended to adorn a buttress of the Cathedral" (Donatello 1).
  • "The statue of David was placed in the Palazzo Vecchio to represent Florentine republic," (Donatello 1).
  • Marble to create life-size nudes was a new technique in the time period.
  • It was a significant piece because it resembled Florentine republic.
  • I find i interesting because it is a life-sized sculptor made of marble. It must have been difficult to accomplish for this time period.
  • Donatello's "David" is most likely linked to Individualism because every artist has their own style of artwork and this resembles the way Donatello created art.

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