Ms. Janjua's Grades 1-2 Art Class

January 6 - 15, 2016 | Issue 06

Salaamu Alaykum!

The past two weeks Grades 1-2 students have been learning about our new unit of inquiry, "How We Organize Ourselves" in art class. We've been exploring organization through compiling our student art portfolios, and experimenting with patterns and weaving. We are also beginning to explore how to create movement with lines. You'll see examples of some of these projects down below. Enjoy, and inshaAllah I'll be sharing updated photos of finished work in the next Newsletter in two weeks! :)

Wa Salaamu Alaykum,

Ms. Janjua

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The Power of Union is Strength - Crabs VS Ants VS Penguins Advertisement

Working on our painted weaving projects

Movement with Lines

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Next week we'll be diving deeper into our learning and understanding of the Elements of Art!

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