Signs and Symptoms of a Gambling Addiction

  • Feeling the need to be secretive about your gambling
  • Having trouble controlling your gambling
  • Gambling even when you know you can't afford it
  • Not being able to control the the impulse to gamble, even when you know it's hurting yourself an/or your loved ones

Risk Factors

  • Family history of gambling problems
  • Mood disorders
  • Personality disorders
  • Drug abuse or gambling at a young age
  • Certain traits such as having a competitive character, being restless, or being bored easily

Causes of Gambling

  • There aren't any specific causes of gambling
  • There is some evidence that shows some cases of gambling could be from genetics
  • Research shows that people with gambling addictions experience changes in their brains, just like the changes people experience when they're addicted to drugs

Diagnosis and Treatment

When trying to diagnose a gambling problem, many questions will be asked such as:

  • Medical histories
  • Mental health histories
  • What symptoms you are having
Treatments for gambling problems are simple

  • Therapy
  • Medications such as selective serotonin