Safe facilities and Pest management

ServSafe Chapter 9

Choosing Floors, Walls, and Ceiling

Picking these three things need to have smooth and durable materials, This makes cleaning easier. Once installed these things must be regularly maintained. They need to be cleaned and replaced if broken.

What must every hand washing station have?

1. Hot and Cold running water

2. Soap

3. A way to dry hands (ex: paper towels, hand dryers)

4. Garbage Container

5. Signage "Employees must wash hands before returning to work"

Utilities, Water, and Plumbing

-Utilities would include water, electricity, gas, sewage, and garbage disposal.

-Only water that is drinkable can be used for food preparation and must come from the following sources

1. Approved public water mains

2.Private water sources that are regularly tested and maintained

3. Closed, portable water containers

4. Water transport vehicles

What is cross-connection?

Cross connection is a physical link between clean and dirty water, If there is a connection then that could create a backflow.

BACKFLOW is the reverse contaminants through a cross-connection into a drinkable water supply.

How to prevent?

there are some devices that will prevent backflow but the best way is to just create an air gap so that contaminated water cannot travel back to drinkable water.


Good lighting makes it easier to clean things in your operation, it also provides a safer environment

Lighting intensity is how bright the lights are i the operation. The intensity is measured by units called foot candles or lux. Different areas have different lighting requirements. The food preparation area usually has the brightest intensity in the operation


Garbage Removal - Garbage should be removed ASAP to prevent odors, pests, and possible contamination

Cleaning Containers - Cleaning the inside and outside of garbage containers will help reduce the potential to contaminate food or food contact surfaces.

Indoor Containers - These containers must be leak proof, water proof, and pest proof. They should also be easy to clean.

Designated Storage areas - Containers should be placed away from any food or food contact surfaces.

Outdoor containers - You must place containers on surfaces that are smooth, durable, and non-absorbent. Good choices for the surface would be concrete or asphalt. Containers must also have tight fitting lids and be covered at all times.


1. What are the most important safety features to look for when selecting floor, wall, and ceiling materials?

A. Absorbent and Durable

B. Hard and Durable

C. Porous and Durable

D. Smooth and Durable

2. Signage posted at a hand washing station must include a reminder to staff to:

A. wash hands before returning to work

B. use hot running water when washing

C. scrub hands and arms for 10-15 seconds

D. avoid touching faucet handles after washing

3.What is the only completely reliable method for preventing backflow?

A. Air Gap
B. Ball valve
C. Cross-connection
D. Vacuum breaker