Private Chess Lessons Ages 3-7

Brought to you by "Chess at 3"

Learn chess through interactive stories and hands on lessons.

"Chess at 3," the NYC based pioneer of early childhood chess, has arrived in Chicago!

The "Chess at 3" program centers on a 20-lesson core curriculum that gets any 3-7 year old playing and loving chess.

We offer hour long in-home chess lessons with our expert teachers who utilize a unique cast of characters, in fun and interactive stories, to allow children to progressively learn to play chess. Our stories focus on why pieces move in their own unique ways and are supported by teacher led activities that cement chess knowledge in the child's mind.

The benefits of Chess At 3's curriculum are:

  • emotional intelligence
  • creative problem solving
  • concentration and focus
  • leadership capacities
  • strategic thinking

Chess at 3's curriculum is taught at many of the top preschools in Manhattan and is used in Goddard School locations across America. If you're interested in bringing "Chess at 3" to your school, or in private lessons, contact us at

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