Arabic 1 Newsletter February 15-19

Module 1 Lesson 3 Starts TODAY, Monday (2/15)


Eli H, Cecilia B, Noordiin H, Salsabil A & Rebekah W.

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LESSON 3: Seen, Sheen, Saad, Daad, Taa, Dhaa الدرس الثالث

Lesson 3 Introduction: Click HERE to Watch Class Avatar

CLICK on our class avatar to hear what I have to share with you about lesson 3 introduction & learning Goals

Lesson 3 Objectives: أهداف تعليم الدرس الثالث. In this lesson you will learn:

  • How to read, write, pronounce and recognize six Arabic letters: س = Seen - ش = Sheen - ص = Saad – ض = Daad - ط = Taa – ظ = Dhaa
  • How to identify the different shapes of these 6 letters in their different positions in a word.
  • How to use the personal pronouns I, he, & she (أنا - هو- هي ).
  • You will also watch 2 videos:
  • 1) How to write 6 new Arabic letters,
  • 2) How to use the 3 personal pronouns (I, he, she) and say them in Arabic.
  • How to use common words of praise.
Click HERE: Lesson 3 Vocabulary and Conversation Video

Click to learn how to read & write the letters and new vocabulary words in this lesson. You NEED to watch this video before you do any assignments in this lesson.

What assignments are due by the end of the week?

  • L. 3 Assignment 3.1: Arabic Scientists - Discussion Board (Due by due date on course calendar)
  • L. 3 Assignment 3.2: Coaching Session (Due by due date on course calendar)
  • L. 3 Assignment 3.3: Comprehension (Due by due date on course calendar)
  • L. 3 Assignment 3.4: Writing (Due by due date on course calendar)
  • L. 3 Lesson 3 Quiz (Due by due date on course calendar)
  • Contact your teacher at least once this week either by BBIM, text or phone.
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