Utah school lunch

1. In Utah parents are furious after hearing that their children's lunches were taken from them and thrown away due to unpaid balances on their lunch accounts.The school said once the lunch is served to a student it cannot be reserved to another . However parents seem to be more angry at the fact that the lunch that had already been served was taken and thrown away at all instead of letting the kids finish their meal.

2.The authors objective is to try and inform and change this protocol that Utah schools must enforce. The audience are the parents involved who want their story heard and would like to see a change.

3.I agree 100 percent there was no point in taking the kids food away after it was served to them and most likely they had already started eating it.

4.I wouldn't change anything it got right to the point and had quotes from the students and parents even quotes from the school so as far as articles go it was pretty well rounded.

5.This would fit in with variety it is uncovering a story about school.