Chris Turek

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In the book Scorpia it takes place in The US during the future.The main conflict in the story is Scorpia is trying to take over the world. But Alex Rider a spay is preventing Scorpia to take over the world. The book begins with Alex and Tom are getting ready to fight Scorpia for the first time.

Character Analysis

The main character is Alex Rider.Three words to describe Alex are brave, courageous ,and smart. The character is motivated by his team one example is that they tell him whats happen. Another one is that they will give him ideas to get to different areas. A third one is helping him out in any mission he is in.
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The theme of the novel is never give up. One example that supports the theme is One of toms friends dies and he keeps going on knowing that he will never see him again. Another example is Alex gets hurt from a stab to the chest and keeps fighting. A third example from the book is Tome comes back to save Alex from scorpia who is under scorpias trance. A forth and final one is that Alex breaks the trance and hopes to defeat scorpia.
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I would rate this book as a 9 out of 10. I rated it a 9 because the book was great and I could understand what the author is say about the book. Teens cannot related to this book. The reason is that there are so much is happening in one part of the story describes how a house looks like when a fight is happening.