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Job ALike 2014

We were able to provide an opprotunity for our Classified and Teacher Librarians to meet and collaborate, communicate, and create for the day. A time our librarians are able to share innovative ideas they are doing in their library and the successs they've had. Visit our Professional Development site to access all the links and important documents we shared. We also appreciate any feedback, make sure you fill out our evaluations survey if you attended our Job Alike. The data collected will help us prepare for next year.

Culture Kits

Are you looking for a great way to augment lessons with hands on artifacts, primary sources, and books geared to the region or time period you are studying? Try using one of the District Library Media Center’s Culture Kits and Douglas County History Trunks. We have a wide array of kits for your use and for a complete list, click here. Kits are delivered to your school on your normal Warehouse delivery day and are yours to keep for two weeks. Kits come with artifacts, books, and media. For a complete list of what is housed in each kit, click here. The Culture Kit Resources Google Site is currently under construction, but is still open for business!

If you have any questions or would like to reserve a kit, please contact Jana Nordstrom at 303-387-0619 or jana.nordstrom@dcsdk12.org.

Copyright Question Of The Month

Q: In a October issue of Library Media Connection, you answered a copyright question about a teacher who has created commercials using music downloaded from the Internet (possibly pirated). You advised that if the teacher purchased the music legally, such as through iTunes, the copy would be legal and would be okay. I'm curious what you meant by okay. Does this mean the school could use the entire song in the multimedia production rather than following the 10% rule? The iTunes long license does not give a clear answer to these questions.

A: No, the same rules apply to iTunes music as would apply to a CD. I just meant that an iTunes copy is "legally acquired"- one of the requirements to use the music under the multimedia guidelines. The same rules would apply about where and how much to use.

Simpson, C. (2010, August). Copyright questions of the month [Letter to the editor]. Library Media Connection, 29(1), 47.