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Happening this week!

This week is super exciting for your business with the launch of the Copacabana Capsule launch and the new Men's line as well! Every new collection is an opportunity to reach out to your network with fresh new pieces to keep them excited! Take a minute to post each day to your social media and stay consistent. This is how you build awareness of your brand. Keep it exciting and engaging! Ask questions, be positive, and be confident! Each post is reaching your audience and planting seeds!!

I am here for each one of you! Reach out to me for any ideas! Even if you just need to text or chat for 5 minutes, I want to make sure you feel confident to hit your goals!!

We are doing great planning pop ups and if you need ideas or help with this I will be happy to talk to you about what can get you going in the right direction!

Here is the link to Tuesday's National Call!! You want to be on it to learn all about the new collection and to have a chance to win big!! https://goto.webcasts.com/starthere.jsp?ei=1066331&sti=feed

Congratulations to all our newest merchandisers!!

I am so excited for all of the merchies on our team who are new, who are about to make their first sale, or who are about to take their C+I business to a whole new level!! We were the #1 team in the nation last month and you are surrounded by an amazing group of team members who are here to support you and give you tons of ideas to get you off the ground!! I am so excited for you!!!!
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Chloe and Isabel Leadership Summit in New York!

Chantel Waterbury, our CEO and founder is such an amazing down to earth, approachable woman! It is her mission to support you and help you reach your dreams and goals... whether it's to help pay off student loans, to help you build a house, to replace your full time job, or even just to have enough cash to pay your gym membership! Think about it, you have YOUR OWN on-line boutique, you have a tech team, a marketing team, a graphics team, and a jewelry design team WORKING FOR YOU!!!! OWN IT!! You are a business owner!! I am thrilled at the opportunity this provides!!!!!!
Make it a great week Sweet Bees!