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Newtons 1st Law of Motion

1st Law

Today for the Pike Gazett is having 3 reporters go into the world and try to find the fast, most thrilling, and craziest roller coaster in the world. Roller coasters have been around for quite some time and have evolved since they were created. But because of their danger involving g-forces they were only built to a cerain limit at which people could only be slightly under stress. The makers of these amazing rides were very smart because they used a very important part of physics. They used the 1st law of motionto make the coasters move and operate.

The first law of motion states that an object at rest will stay at rest or an object in motion will stay in mtion unless an unbalanced force is acted upon it. So when the coaster is resting in the loading station it will stay that way until the belt carries it up the hill. Once it starts to go down the hill potential energy is converted to kinetic and the train will keep going at that same speed but because of other forces it will slow down. In the end the brakes stop the coaster so people don't get hurt.

Inertia is an objects tendency to remain at rest or to keep moving at a constant speed. this is a big role in the first law because if an object is at rest it has inertia and if it is moving at a constant speed. That means that everything has inertia unless it is not moving at a constant speed. So technically without inertia everyithing would move at non-constant speed.