Thunder on the Tundra

By: Lew Freedman

This picture below is the cover of the book Thunder on the Tundra.
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Starting From Scratch

The book Thunder on the Tundra is a non-fiction book, by Lew Freedman, is about creating the very first football team in Barrow, Alaska. First, Barrow High School had a really high drop out rate due to drugs and alcohol. Next, someone decided they needed to do something about it, that someone was, Trent Blakenship. He proposed that Barrow, Alaska should have a football team. The school took the idea and made the first high school foot ball team in "the top of the world," Barrow, Alaska. Then, the school hired coaching staff, and recruited twenty-one players who have never seen a football before because they're too busy whaling and hunting with their family. Lastly, the Whalers get a small surprise form the Jacksonville, Jaguars. The Whalers no longer have to practice on rocks anymore, the jaguars gave them a real field, therefore, the coaches pushed the players harder and harder each day until, in their second season they get a winning record of 4-3.
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Comparing Whalers to Marshal University

The Whalers are just like the movie We Are Marshal. Marshal University had to get an entire coaching staff and players in a very short amount of time, as well as the Whalers. The Whalers and Marshal University both had losing records in their first season. In contrast the Whalers had to make a football team out of kids who aren't athletic, Marshal University recruited kids that played other sports. For example, the kicker was from the soccer team. Also, Marshal University's players died in a plane crash, the Whalers didn't have players to die in a plane crash.