Balance with Blended Learning

Gifted PD Online Book Study w/Susie Capucini Jan.-April 2021

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Self-Paced Book Study and Workshop

15 Gifted Contact Hours to apply toward the 2020-2021 school year

Competencies b, c, d, f, g

Enrollment Opens Dec. 14, 2021

You may obtain your book and begin reading if you wish, but note that

SeeSaw Classroom Activities will not be sent until January 4, 2021

FREE to client districts with contracted gifted coordination service through NPESC; $75 per person for non-clients of gifted coordination service payable to NPESC.

Work at your own pace as we explore Catlin R. Tucker's "Balance with Blended Learning". The author provides practical examples, templates and resources to help you "rethink the roles, responsibilities and workflow in your blended learning classroom to enjoy balance in your life." Short video links, tasks or reflections at the end of each chapter will help you incorporate practical blended learning strategies into your classroom NOW, no matter which instructional delivery model you're in (full return, blended/hybrid, or remote learning). Learn to tame the overwhelming workload by redefining who does the work within your class. Beginning January 4, you will be invited to join a SeeSaw class to access the chapter tasks and additional resources. At the end of this study, you will have:

  • practical strategies to develop a blended learning classroom
  • routines and protocols to introduce blended learning to students this fall
  • templates and resources to help students track, monitor and reflect on their progress
  • video and text vignettes from experienced blended learning teachers across disciplines
  • ideas to redesign how to grade for mastery, not completion
  • an understanding of one motivational theory to increase student engagement

Blended Learning lends itself well to addressing both social-emotional and academic needs of gifted students by creating meaningful partnerships through feedback. Students are trained and trusted to assist in developing meaningful, relevant learning and personal goals. Blended Learning strategies can create personalized learning opportunities at a pace the gifted student - or any student - can control.

Catlin Tucker Talks About Blended Learning with and Station Rotation
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Participants are responsible for securing a district Purchase Order and/or buying their own books. Check out sales, free shipping deals, or bulk discounts at Use the code HOLIDAY at checkout for 25% off until Dec. 31, 2020.

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Last day to register is February 5, 2021. You must purchase your own paperback or e-book. If you like to annotate or highlight, I recommend paperback. PD ends April 30, 2021 and all activities are due. NO DEADLINE EXTENSIONS OR PARTIAL CREDIT.