Becoming A Young Mommy

By Emily Curry

Teen Preganancy Statistics

,Pregnancy by a female age 13 to 19 which is understood to occur in a girl who hasnt completed her education, secondary school has fewer or marketable skills is financially dependent upon her parents and or continues to liive at home. 494,357 babies per year are do to teen pregnancy. The United States has about 1,671,630 teen pregnancy per 1 million people.

Risks And Outcomes Of Teen Pregnancy

Risks And Outcomes Of Teen Pregnancy

All kinda of risks come wiith becoming pregnant at young age like health risks for example you could have prematur labour and dlivery, baby born with a low birth weight, preclampsia ( swelling and high blood pressure ), anemia ( low iron levels in blood ) The outsome of teen preganancy is you'll probably won't finsh high school cause 60 % of teenagers who become preganant dont recieve they're high school diploma. Another outcome of teen preganncy is money issues .