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History of Quadrilaterals:

Quadrilaterals were actually first discovered by the Ancient Greeks.But when they invented it the quadrilaterals only had 3 sides instead of 4.

It wasn't until later the genius Romans decided to add the fourth side and added different types of quadrilaterals.

What is the Point of Quadrilaterals?

Many people under estimate the learning of quadrilaterals and don't really care to know what they are used for.Well they are actually used quite often and you may not even know it.In Ancient times quadrilaterals were used for art,design,and architecture.Which means that everyday jobs still need to use this.

Examples of Quadrilaterals in Real Life:

1.A Parallelogram:
2.A Square:
3.A Rectangle:
4.A Trapezoid:
Classifying Quadrilaterals

A Video About Classifying Quadrilaterals.

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