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what is cyberbullyin: Cyberbulling is a sad and hurtful thing that people do. They send terrible images and videos. people do this on messages,twitter,facebook,instagram and more people do this because they are to scared of doing it face to face.

who can help? if you are being cyberbullyied then tell a parent/adult a guardian a teacher older siblings and friends. if your getting bullyied dont replay another ways they will just keep on sending nasty messages and be mean make shorer you tell someone u trust.

call the and

Online safety

Source: cybersmart gov

Tell your mum or dad if u see something online that makes you upset.

ALWAYS hide your password.

Before going on a site check with mum or dad to see if the site is okey for you to go on.

Keeep your personal information safe


Sometimes its easy to forget that there someone on the other end of the game for facbook ect. People think that it is easily to be mean on the internet because they may not do it in real life. This may make people upset or embarrassed. Netiguette is like when somone is getting bullied and that person cantn't do anything about it because people may not belive it.


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