Today's Activities: MAD

Mrs. J. Webb-Monroe's Class

Step 1: Still need help!

Still need help! Check out the video below.

You may continue to step 2 if you understand how to calculate the MAD.

Step 2: More Practice

Click below to begin your practice!

Step 3: Why does MAD matter?

Why does MAD matter? Click on the link to read the article below. When reading please write down two important ideas from the reading.

Step 4: Who would you work for?

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Consider two small companies, each of which is staffed by four employees with similar qualifications and responsibilities. For Company A, the employees’ monthly salaries are $3000, $3100, $3100 and $3200. Company B pays salaries of $2600, $3000, $3300 and $3500. Calculate the MAD.

a) Which companies salaries are more spread out( Larger MAD)?

b) Which companies salaries are leas spread out( small MAD)?

c)Which company treats their employees more fairly?

d)Which one would you work for?