overview by Gavin Reno

Overview/History of Poetic Form

Free Verse is an irregular form of poetry in which the content free of traditional rules of versification.Became current in english poetics in the early 20th century.

Purpose of Poetic Form

A Free Verse can do almost anything it expresses strong thoughts and feelings,tells a story,and also describes the world.

Characteristics of Poetic Form

  • no set line length
  • no set rhythm
  • no rhyming pattern
  • way of conveying ideas and feelings
  • carefully crafted word picture

Example of Poetic Form

Ode to Job Job came down in a woosh, outstretched and gliding into the horizon. Blue shadowed flight arrested by the beckoning marsh. His greatness bears much yet not the anguish of ancient prophecy. Situated grievances weigh feathery on this long, strong back. Unconscious emotion numbs while time drifts out another sun salted day.

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